How to edit PDF printables in Photoshop

Have you found the PERFECT printable online? Well, almost perfect. You’d just lite to tweak a title here and a section there and THEN It would be perfect.
Not being able to find the exact designs I wanted online was one of the reasons why I began to make my own. If you don’t want to start from scratch though, finding an almost perfect download and editing it is a great shortcut. Keep in mind though that you won’t be allowed to sell or share the edited file in any way. For that you need to come up with your own design or you’ll get in trouble with the original designer and possibly his/her lawyer.
Many printables that are available for free or purchase online are PDFs. Some PDFs have text that you can edit in Adobe acrobat reader, but most of them don’t. When that’s the case, I’ll teach you how to edit them in Photoshop insted.
How to edit PDF printables in Photoshop. Easy to follow tutorial.
To help you make the “almost” perfect printable fit YOUR needs I’ve put together a nifty little step by step tutorial. Actually, it ended up not being so little, so have a yummy beverage ready beside you and lets dig in.