2017 – printable A5 planner calendars

With just a couple of days left of the year it’s impossible to ignore the fact that 2017 is just around the corner. Some years I prepare my planner well in advance with new inserts. Last year I designs new ones already in july, lol. This year though I’ve been way too busy and the new year has snuck up on me.

I really look forward to a new year! Even though I’m not planning on making any big changes it still feels like a new start and an opportunity to put things behind me and fokus on the present and the year ahead.


Printable tags for your Christmas gifts and decor

Back in November Christmas felt really close. Then, work got super busy and lomging for some time off during the holidays it started to feel like a million miles away. Now, Chrsitmas has snuck up on me and alla of a sudden it’s just around the corner.

With a growing numers of Christmas giftas hidden in the appartment ( anyone else have kids with very little patience and that would LOVE to get a sneak peek of his/her presents?) I needed to start wrapping. Unfortunately those sticker labels you can buy are usually¬†dead ugly. Photoshop to the rescue! And lucky you, You can dowload the not-so-ugly Christmas tags I’ve designed for free.

Free Printable Christmas gift tags