Stay hydrated this summer with these watertrackers for your planner

The last few days a heat wave has hit us and we’re loving it! Im’ terrible at drinking enough water though and ususally only dring anything during meals. Except coffee. I do drink plenty of coffee through out the day. 😉

This summer I’m determined to keep hydrated! I designed these water trackers to add to my planner to help me keep track of how much water I drink each day. Lots of summery colors and patterns make them a fun element in a planner as well.

Make sure you keep hydrated this summer with these printable water intake trackers in super cute colors for you planner.


Summer bucket list | Printable to-do list for summer

In the midst of the busiest month of the year as a teacher, I also start planning for the summer break. It’s a kind of therapy. Something to look forward too when all the craziness of grading is over.

When I first start thinking about all those weeks off from work I usually draw a blank when it comes to ideas of activities. My son ahs lots of them though, so there’s usually no trouble filling the time with fun things.

Summer bucket list | Printable to-do list for summer | planner checklist | A5 and personal size |


Happy Mother’s day | Printable cards and tags to celebrate your Mom

Besides running this site, you might know that I’m a teacher by day (and sometimes night, when I have a lot of papers to grade). Two of my collegues, our principal and I just spent two days at an exhibition in Stockholm called SETT (Scandinavian Educational Technology Transformation). We’ve gone to many great lectures and med tons of exhibitors. So much knowledge and inspiration in one place.

Getting to spend two knights at a hotel and eating hotel breakfast isn’t so bad either. 😉

Now that I’m home it’s time to think about what events are coming up. Mother’s day of course popped into mind. I think our parents’ are well woth being celebrated if only by giving them some flowers or treating them to lunch. + of course a card!!! 😉

Happy mother's day | Printable cards and tags to celebrate your mom | .studio print and cut file included to use with Silhouette cutting machine


Magical unicorn birthday printable cards

April is over for this year and May is finally here. And with it came the sun and warmth <3 We’ve had the most wonderful day here. The wind has been slightly chille but we’ve had a clear blue sky all day.

The perfect day to enjoy uor first ice cream of the season. I had to stop by work and afterwards my son and I bought ice creams and stopped by a lake on the way home. An ice cream on a bench by the lake, and watching my son play by the water’s edge. Such a perfect moment!

Do you know someone who loves unicorns? My nephew does. These cards are prefect to celebrate the birthday of a unicorn-lover.

Magical unicorn birthday cards | free printable | download | greeting cards |