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Even in December, mixed in with everything Christmas; we still have birthdays to celebrate, friends to appreciate and thank yous to say. The people I know who have birthdaya around Christmas strongly dislike recieving Christmas themed cards and gifts on their birthday. So today we take a break fron Christmas printables and share a set of cards that work for a plethora of occasions, except for Christmas. 😉

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{EDIT: a typo had slipped our gaze and messed up the “for my friend” card. Thank you som much to our reader Ginny for noticing and letting us know! It has now been corrected and you can download the typo-free version on the members page.}


Dreamcatcher tags and cards

Has winter arrived where you are yet? Here we have winter temperatures about every other day now. Frost in the morning is beautiful. Scrapin it of your car though is not so fun.

Hace you seen our new page called 2017 advent calendar? You can find it at the top of the blog. There, you’ll be able to download one new printable each day from December 1st to December 24th. Make sure to bookmark it!

Earlier in the week we started off with the first Christmas printable of the season. Today we have something totally different to share; a dream themed set with tags and cards.

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You’re awesome | Printable cards

Hello again friends! Have you been wondering why no new downloads has been added lately? Well, it’s been a busy month. First we has the end of the school year, then Midsummer celebration, and last week a wonderful trip to Gran Canaria with my son, my sister and her two boys. A busy but really good month for our little family!

Lately, I’ve ben thinking about how rarely I tell the people I care about how awesome I think they are. A change is a must! Even though I’m sure they know this, I’m going to TELL THEM so. These cards were design for this purpose, but of course they can also be used for birthdays and any other celebretion.

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Magical unicorn birthday printable cards

April is over for this year and May is finally here. And with it came the sun and warmth <3 We’ve had the most wonderful day here. The wind has been slightly chille but we’ve had a clear blue sky all day.

The perfect day to enjoy uor first ice cream of the season. I had to stop by work and afterwards my son and I bought ice creams and stopped by a lake on the way home. An ice cream on a bench by the lake, and watching my son play by the water’s edge. Such a perfect moment!

Do you know someone who loves unicorns? My nephew does. These cards are prefect to celebrate the birthday of a unicorn-lover.

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