Valentine’s day sticky notes | printable love post-it notes

This time in February we have a week’s break from school here. Since I’m a teacher I have a break too and am spending the week with my son. We start the week off by taking a long breakfast and watching the Olympics.

Valentine’s day is only two days away. I’m sweezing in a little last minute valentine’s designing before then. Printable sticky notes are so fun!

Valentine's day sticky notes | printable love post-it notes | #valentineasday #valentine #stickynotes #printables #freeprintables #postit


Surprise your kids with printable post-it notes in their lunch boxes + birthdays post-its

So, our week long winter break is over and things are back to normal around here. Which is nice too. I love my job and on Mondays I’m always full of enegy and ready to get the work week started. Later in the week both my student s and I tend to leak energy and slow down a bit. But each Monday, we’re back in full speed ahead again.

As in many jobs, we use a lot of post-its at work. Personally, I’m particularly fond of the brightly colored ones. The hot pink and orange ones are my favorites. 🙂 They pale yellow ones, not so much.

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